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Lilibet Behdadnia: Women Making Waves

On February 12th, 2024, Pessah Law Group’s Lilibet Behdadnia was featured on the “Women Making Waves Panel” at Pepperdine Law School where she shared empowering stories about being a successful female attorney. She, alongside two other Pepperdine alumnae, spoke about the transition from law school to life as an attorney.

Specifically, Lilibet shared her experiences working for Pessah Law Group, where she has become a vital team member. PLG has assisted in propagating Lilibet’s success as a young associate, where she has been encouraged to pursue areas of law unique to her interests, like trademarks and copyrights, influencer relations, entertainment, and more. The Pepperdine panel gave Lilibet the opportunity to share how a small law firm like PLG can greatly assist in one’s professional endeavors.

Lilibet’s contribution to the panel was crucial in inspiring other women to pursue a legal career in all facets of the industry. Lilibet centered her advice around the premise of “knowing your worth and asking for what you deserve”, pertinent guidance to women looking to start their careers in a field that remains primarily dominated by men.

Members of the audience were certainly intrigued, asking about her personal experiences in law school and how she was able to overcome the bar exam. Lilibet provided responses to encourage a spirit of confidence within these young women, assuring them that if they want it, they will achieve it. In addition to her advice, Lilibet provided knowledge regarding networking and building mentor-mentee relationships, which have proven to be part and parcel to her own success.

Lilibet’s keen ability to tap into the interests of individuals and confidently guide them towards their desires is evident not only in a public speaking setting, but also in her work as an associate. Her contribution to the “Women Making Waves Panel” was sure to inspire a room full of future female attorneys.  


Read more about Lilibet here.




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